Production Worker - Day Shift Leader- Working Lead

Location: Canada

Reporting to: Production

Job Description

Production Warehouse Worker labor includes sorting and counting of cylinders as well as processing and preparing cylinders for production. This position may be required to rotate to various stations within the warehouse.

Available Shifts:

Monday – Friday 6 am to 3 pm

Should be able to to work Overtime & Weekends if needed


  • Processing of return cylinders.
  • Using equipment provided to degas cylinders to ensure empty.
  • Remove label from existing cylinder, inspect cylinder sleeves for nicks or possible damage, validate cylinder is still within lifecycle, count and sort cylinders to prepare for filling.
  • Load cylinders into appropriate containers based on findings in sorting process.
  • Using motorized pallet jack, transports pallets and boxes to various stations within warehouse.
  • Using heat station, place label on empty cylinder and pass through heat station. Make sure label is properly assembled and prepare cylinder for next station.
  • Manually load CO2 filling line with cylinders and remove after completion of cycle.
  • Erect boxes required for full cylinders to prepare for shipment.