Jr. Regional Account Manager

Location: Italy

Reporting to: Sales

Job Description



Regional Account Manager

Job Description



Position Overview


The Regional Account Manager (RAM) is responsible for all aspects of product sales in a given region or geographical area. This includes maintaining existing relationships with clients, distributors and stores in the area, as well as seeking out new opportunities for additional sales.

The RAM serves as the primary relay point between the company and independent stores and distributors in his/her region. Maintaining a strong relationship with clients is key to his/her sales success; he/she must continually update his/her knowledge of the company’s products and then develop presentations to distributors to help sell new products. He/she acquires sales data and analyse trends in inventory and sales to determine future company production and help direct proper areas of focus for future development. As in the field, he/she may also provide information about competitor’s sales, designs, and market share.

The RAM travel extensively, meets with clients throughout his/her geographic sales region to maintain relationships and to present new products. Additionally, he/she meets with company management and the rest of the sales team to give feedback on his/her region and to learn about new developments in the company.

The RAM is required to attend sales conferences to maintain the necessary familiarity with trends and developments within his/her industry as a whole.


Duties of the Regional Account Manager include:


·        Manage current accounts to assure sales volume grows year after year or is at least consistent.

·        Organise sales visits and negotiate contracts and packages.

·        Identify, engage, plan and develop new regional accounts.

·        Forecasting annual, quarterly and monthly sales goals

·        Developing specific plans to ensure growth both long and short-term

·        Coordinate client relationship opportunities such as project proposals, budgeting, service contracts and work orders.

·        Collaborating with senior executives to establish and execute a sales goal for the region.

·        Inform work status and progress and clients issues to senior executives for suitable action and meet deadlines.

·        Resolve issues and ensure highest level of quality service by coordinating with centre staff and management.

·        Oversee account compliance to ensure company contribution.

·        Acts are maximized to full potential.

·        Oversee opportunities progression and lead through opportunity pipeline reports.

·        Offer monthly forecast reports determining revenue vs. goal forecasts and inform management on new regional developments.

·        Supervise marketing materials inventory and re-order.

·        Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information.

·        Contributes information to market strategy by monitoring competitive products and reactions from accounts.

·        Sell target accounts, identify prospects and create new ideas to generate revenue and new opportunities.

·        Utilize the CRM system to document interactions.




Requirements for the role:


·        Proven sales experience and negotiation.

·        Experience in delivering client-focused solutions based on customer needs.

·        Proven ability to manage multiple projects at a time while paying strict attention to detail.

·        Natural relationship builder with integrity, reliability and maturity.

·        In depth understanding of sales and marketing principles.

·        Outstanding communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.

·        Excellent organizational and time management skills.

·        Self-motivated and able to thrive in a results-driven environment.

·        Ability to prioritize among competing tasks.

·        Ability to analyse numbers and read evolving events.

·        Excellent knowledge of sales analysis and metrics.

·        Hands on experience with CRM tools.

·        Independence, maturity, confidence and perseverance.