Health & Wellness

You Won’t even realize you’re drinking more water

At SodaStream we want to help you make the right choice, for yourself and for your family. The importance of hydration as part of a healthy and active lifestyle has been widely proven and by turning tap water into exciting sparkling water in seconds, SodaStream makes it easy to drink more water. In fact, studies have shown that people with a SodaStream consume 3 more glasses of water and water-based drinks a day (and 54% less sugary soda), compared to those without a SodaStream (Source: US Water Study 2014, Toluna). Sparkling water doesn’t take away any of the goodness that is contained in water but does offer you an added sparkle.

SodaStream sparkling water can be flavored with natural fruits and herbs for a delicious and healthy twist.

SodaStream also offers a variety of better-for-you Sparkling Drink Mixes, including the new SodaStream Naturals and Fruit drops naturally flavored to perfection, and containing no artificial sweeteners or preservatives (Fruit Drops are also 0 calories).

Our  reusable on-the-go bottles are the best tool to stay hydrated and indulge all day. Whether you’re out and about or sitting at your desk they are always handy.


The many positive ways water impacts your body in:

  • Brain: Staying hydrated is the perfect way to beat brain fog.
  • Cells: Our bodies need enough water to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells and to help remove toxins and other wastes.
  • Digestion: Adequate hydration aids in digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, keeping the digestive process efficient.
  • Protection: The fluids in our body cushion joints and protect tissues and organs, including the spinal cord and brain.
  • Heart: Even mild dehydration can impair heart function, leading to palpitations and an increase in blood pressure.
  • Skin: We all know that staying well-hydrated even helps keeps skin supple and healthy.