All February 17, 2016

Island of Peace

Island of Peace is a social responsibility campaign that provides an accurate depiction of our everyday reality in our main manufacturing facility in Lehavim. Pairs of employees who work side-by-side on the manufacturing floor every day were filmed sharing their experience in an authentic and uncensored way, portraying genuine coexistence. Our campaign tells a story of humanity and social responsibility, consistent with our corporate values and DNA. Our working environment fosters a diverse workforce including Bedouins, Palestinians,  and Israelis. We at SodaStream believe that corporations must play a vital role in generating change – SodaStream is an equal opportunity employer, promoting diversity by connecting people from various ethnic, religious, and social-economic backgrounds.

We hope this campaign will continue to have a lasting global social impact, telling a universal story relevant for everyone everywhere. We strongly believe in corporate social responsibility as a key driver for positive social change.