All November 17, 2016

Shame or Glory

SodaStream’s ‘Shame or Glory’ video portrays a humorous and creative take on the iconic walk of the atonement scene featured in the fifth season of Game of Thrones. The video features Hatt as a production assistant on a mission to buy sparkling water from a local supermarket while being followed by Game of Thrones character Septa Unella, who appears out of thin air, ringing the ‘bell of shame’ and repeatedly calling out “shame” towards the shocked assistant. When the assistant finally reaches the filming set, the Mountain graciously explains to him the merits of using a SodaStream as a tool to atone himself from the shameful habit of consuming polluting plastic water bottles.

“‘Shame or Glory’ is a smart and fun way to have our consumers talk about a very serious epidemic of tonnes of plastic that is killing our planet”, states Daniel Birnbaum, Chief Executive Officer of SodaStream. “We have amazing fresh tap water in most parts of the world and it’s the natural, economic and sustainable thing to do.  Millions of consumers around the globe are already using SodaStream exactly for that reason and we hope many millions will follow – after all, we are revolutionizing the beverage industry.”

Thor Bjornson added: “Fresh quality tap water is my preferred choice in beverage and I’ve been using my SodaStream to create fresh sparkling water at home since I was a kid, and I encourage everyone to do the same. With SodaStream you can take advantage of this amazing natural resource, given to us by Mother Earth, and stop using shameful polluting plastic bottles.”

Hannah Waddingham also commented: “I take great pride in working with a brand that empowers consumers to make better life choices, and promoting a heathier and sustainable way of life.”